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Art and music education in the Czech Republic

Art and music education in Czech land has a very long tradition. The beginnings of the specific art and music education reach as far as the 17th century. The tradition of organized music education was established in 19th century because of the influence of great music teachers and their founding of town music schools. One of the parts of this system are the music and art schools the way we know them novadays – "Základní umělecká škola". They make the primary piece of the whole system of music and art education which can be followed by further music and art studying. These music school are able to depict the talented students in a very young age. As early as 5. The music schools help to prepare students for unprofessional art and music activities or for studying at secondary or high schools with art and music focus or the students can directly study at conservatories after graduating from "Základní umělecká škola".
The primary art and music education is a very specific part of the Czech school system. The main special feature is the separation from the regular system of compulsory education in CZ. The existence of the specific primary art and music education is special because of the focus only on the art and music subjects. The teachers of these schools undergo similar education procedure as teacher at regular state schools. The education flows under strict rules of the educational program which is set up according to the standards of Ministry of education.
The history of Vysoke Myto Music and art school
Vysoké Mýto is one of the oldest and well-known towns in Pardubice region. I tis located in South Bohemia and it has over 12 thousand inhabitants. The music and art school in Vysoke Myto was founded in August in 1945 and in the first year of its existence the school had 130 pupils who were taught by 6 teachers. Despite of the fact that the school didn’t have its own building, the number of students and stuff was rising. The school was placed in the neoromantic building in the year of 1956. Nowadays the school offers art and music education to over 850 students and employees 33 teachers.
The education goals
Our school offers individual and group education in 4 sections – music section, artdrama and dance section. The studying is systematically divided into several parts. There are 2 years of preparation, 7 years of Cycle I. And 4 years of cycle II. And also classes for adults. The majority of our students attends the music section, which is mainly focused on artificial music. The scale of the variety of music education is very broad. E.g. Brass, string, percussions, vocal etc.
The school is also opened to other styles such as rock, pop, jazz or traditional folk music. There are also many music orchestras and bands and choirs. The group production is linked together and there is a collaboration throughout the sections of our whole school.
The music and art school in Vysoké Mýto prepares children for their creative activities but also can be leading to professional development in music and art further studies. Our priority is not to bring up each student into an active artist and future professional. Our education shows the student show to recognize quality of the art and music and teaches them a good relationship towards them. The main aim of the education here is to motivate and activate students for the common interest which will lead to shaping their own creativity, their skills and abilities not only in their professional lives.
The art and music education in the Czech republic has been considered to be a significant part of the preventive programs of risk factors development at youth because while studying arts and music the students spent their time in the meaningful way.