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The Max-Reger-Gymnasium (MRG) is a secondary school with about 600 students and 60 teachers in the nice little town Amberg in Bavaria. The school is not only a school with a special focus on music but also a boarding school.

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Some interesting facts about the music in this school:

Type of school:

"Musisches Gymnasium" - music school, secondary education leading to the German "Abitur", entitles the students to go to university

Importance of music:

special focus on music; music is compulsory for every student (3 lessons a week) and every student has to play an instrument (1 lesson a week)

Type of music mostly performed:

classical music, pop and rock music, traditional folk music

Groups of musicians:

orchestra (strings, wind instruments, brass), Big Band, saxophone group,mixed choir (age: 12 to 18), choir (age: 10 to 12), brass group, string quartette, as required: trios, wood winds / flute orchestra, ...

Individual talents:

violoncello, violin, clarinet, transverse flute, trumpet, singers, piano, etc. ...

Posssible ways of music performances:

cooperation with ensembles of other countries, participation of individual musicians in international groups, individual performances of existing groups or soloists