I.I.S.S. "E. Giannelli" - Parabita (Lecce) - Italy


I.I.S.S. “E.Giannelli” experience and background

The I.I.S.S. Giannelli is a school structured into 4 locations in 4 different cities: Parabita (the headschool, where the headmaster and the management ottices are), Alezio, Gallipoli and Casarano. The 4 locations are all in the same area, few kilometres separate one from the other: they are all located in the south of the Salento Peninsula. 

Many study fields are offered to the almost 800 students:










METALS and GOLD work







In addiction some evening courses are also offered to adults.

From the school year 2007-2008, with the assignment of the new headmaster, prof. Cosimo Preite, educationalist and expert in youth policies, the I.I.S.S. "E.Giannelli" school has had a huge stransformation by the enrichment of new educational paths, new locations and a new management policy that has internationalized the school. This new management has opened the school to the territory by the vision of it as a core of the socio-cultural growth and a mediator of the necessities of the territory. For this, the contact, the cooperation and interaction with the territory has been crucial. In this view they have been created (and directed by the headmaster prof. Cosimo Preite):

- a national network called "Agorà" that sees the partecipations of schools, politics, companies, the Province of Lecce and the local Minestry of Education etc...

- an international network called "European Young People Network" that sees the partecipation of European schools met thanks to the LLP-Comenius projects that have decided to keep cooperate by the creation of a stable network of schools.

The dialog with all the partners of the networks created and coordinated has led to the enrichment of the school background and to the request and obtaining of the MUSIC AND DANCE HIGH SCHOOL - Musical Section (just 4 similar schools in all Apulia, the I.I.S.S. "E.Giannelli" is the only one in the Province of Lecce) and Dance Section (just 2 similar schools in all Apulia). It's the school proud the fact that just five schools in all Italy offer the complete path, the I.I.S.S. "E.Giannelli" is one of these five. So the school has acted in the last years a real strategy of overture to the territory, the CULTURE OF THE NETWORK, with the belief that the network represents not only a SPACE OF INFORMATION, RELATION, SHARING and CREATION OF VALUE but also an EXTRAORDINARY MEAN of CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION and COOLECTIVE PRODUCTION OF SENSE.

At the centre of the entire proposal of the school there is the STUDENT as keeper of needs and desires, strong and weak pints on which the school constructs its educational path and projects: IN THE CHALLEGE TOWARDS THE FUTURE STUDENTS NEEDTO ARRIVE PEPARED, with specific skills, strenghted by the experience reached during the school years.

The I.I.S.S. "E.Giannelli" set ìt up as a special and stimulating educational context in which different stories, students' needs, territory needs and different cultures met, are wellcomed and to which the staff does its best to answer in best and possible way. The school, inspired by the in force law (D.M. of 27th December 2012 with the operational direction of 6th March 2013) seeks the "INCLUSION POLlCY" founded upon EQUITY, SOCIAL PROMOTION and ESTEEM OF ALL STUDENTS without considering personal and social conditions in order to really create 'THE GOOD SCHOOL", a school for everybody and each one, a school capable to value excellence and also take care of special needs.

Leadership and project group

The school headmaster, prof.Cosimo Preite has got over twenty years experience in project design and coordination of both national and international projects. With His management the school has set a real CULTURE OF THE NETWORK with the belief that the network represents not only a SPACE OF INFORMATION, RELATION, SHARING and CREATION OF VALUE but also an EXTRAORDINARY MEAN of CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION and COLLECTIVE PRODUCTION OF SENSE. His attention to the thematics of people needs together with the experience in work and teaching policies have led the headmaster to well contextualize his natural inclination to team work and by this making effective his activity in the corporatist world in the field of education, culture, sport, recreation and people services. Strenghten by the experience inside the school and outside it, it has been his personal idea the creation of a national network to which many different actors of the territory take part and also the international one to which different European schools meet in a stable net. The two are coordinated by the headmaster and involved in all the actions the school sets or participates.

The level of project coordination and partecipation is exceptional. The school and the headmaster are recognized by an example at regional and also national level.

In this activity and vitality in which the school is managed, a strong and efficient project group has been set. It is structured by:

- the headmaster

- projects designer

- English translators

- a specific secretary staff

- stable teachers and experts who care about projects and together with the headmaster design themand in addition to this stable staff, the headmaster is always open to involve new people in the different actions creations and management. In fact, in this project, as in all the others the stable management group forsees the overture to new figures interested in being part of it.

Next to the headmaster there will be the project coordinator teacher and European projects designer that will supervise the whole action together with the headmaster and the specific secretary. The coordinator is a person that has designed several national and European projects (2 of the 3 LLP-Comenius projects granted to the school have been designed by her and the headmaster). She also cares about international relations of the school.

The operative team of this project will be structured into 3 sectìons of teachers: teachers that have already performed activities for previous EU projects that will pass the know-how, other subjects teachers, new people interested in cooperating.

The operating know-how pass will be granted at each level from the headmaster, to the coordinator, to the expert teachers though the new comers.

Everybody will be put in the condition to clearly know how to proceed and who to ask for info for performing what the project plans.